Mega Bundle Pack Laptop Repair Training

Everything about electronics repair we know!
Find out how to Repair Laptop Motherboard, even if you have NEVER done it and don't know ANYTHING about electronics.
Mega Bundle Pack Laptop Repair Training +211 unpublished videos with e-Books guides, you will learn and see in practice from start to finish how to repair laptop motherboard and all with simple and easy to apply steps.
With our NEW study method you can learn to REPAIR COMPUTER FROM SCRATCH TO PROFESSIONAL in 30 days or less, you do not need any prior experience.
 More than 3,003 students have already learned with this course

 Can I start if I don't have previous experience? OF COURSE YES!

THE COURSE IS CREATED FOR YOU TO START from Scratch and take your knowledge to another Level
 Is Mega Bundle Pack Right For You?
Are you still not sure if the Mega Bundle Pack Laptop Repair Secrets Training is right for you? Let us help you out.

If you say “yes” to any of the statements below… then the Mega Bundle Pack is PERFECT for you.

Know how to fix laptops motherboard, but are too intimidated to crack open a laptop enclosure and work inside? 

Do you own computer repair shop or planning to start new computer repair shop soon??

Would you like to pay a small fee for tens of training-class worth over $900?

If you nodded your head in agreement to any of the questions above, then you and the Mega Bundle Pack are made for each other. Keep reading to find out what the Pack has to offer.
You get access to all 3 courses and 8 E-Books guide of professional training, it is everything I offer on my site . With the biggest discount, it's the most economical way to get all my products and all items sold on my site. You do not need to purchase each course separately.
What's in the Mega Bundle Pack Course?

First, I want you to have: 
Analytic Laptop Repairing Basic to Advanced
The training course are classified into 2 categories:
(+33.5 Gigabyte | +19 Hours | English)
  Laptop Electronic Repairing
LaptopRepairSecrets will cooperate with Dr-bios team to launch this tutorial. Analytic Laptop Repairing Basic to Advanced is all about laptop motherboard chip level, there are +99 videos High Definition showing you all details from the basics to the most advanced laptop motherboard troubleshooting techniques and all the videos have English subtitles.

This tutorial laptop repair videos will show you how to find the root of the problem that is causing specific symptoms (problem) on a laptop motherboard and how to solve it fast, learn where to start and which components to replace, with Laptop Repair Advanced Tutorial: Chip-Level you choose to be successful, a few weeks from now you will see the result.

As well as we also offer LCD/LED Monitor repairing information with this course; so you can grow your skills, revealing the tricks and secrets of troubleshooting and fixing any LCD/LED monitor, you will see the analysis of the screens and all of its internal layers in complete details And brief explanation of T-Con board, backlight, power board and signal board (mainboard).

Click here for FULL Tutorial Contents 
Tutorial Contents  Laptop Motherboard Repair Tutorial

Mini Course LCD LED TV Repair
  LCD LED TV Repairing (+14 lessons)
As well as we also offer Mini Course LCD LED TV repairing information with this course; so you can grow your skills, revealing the tricks and secrets of troubleshooting and fixing any LCD LED TV, you will see the analysis of the screens in complete details and brief explanation of T-Con board, backlight, power board and signal board (mainboard).

Mini course LCD LED TV repair will teach you how to:
You'll learn repair at the electronic component level, whether it has a short or does not turn on
How a Power Supply Works.
Power Supply Test Points
Unerstand Panel Voltages & Testing Points
T-con Board Voltage Test Points
How to Troubleshooting LCD TV with Display Step by Step
How to Fix Blank Screen
How to Fix Vertical Bars on Screen

Second, I want you to have:
Intermediate Level To Repair Laptop Motherboard v2 New Update
(+12.5 Gigabyte | +8 Hours | 51 Videos | English)
When the Laptop repairer they know how to start troubleshooting the Laptop motherboard, it will help them to easy repair it, this is all possible when you have the knowledge in repairing Laptop motherboard, and that's exactly what we going to teach you.
Intermediate Level To Repair Laptop Motherboard is designed to help all those who want to grow in laptop chip level repair field, with Laptop Repair Complete Guide Intermediate Level you will teach how to repair a laptop motherboard in detail. All electronic components will be introduced before we move to the motherboard section, after that you will become comfortable with electronic components the motherboard session follows, this involves detailed circuit tracing, signal analysis and all the tips and tricks...

Below is the list of more information that you are about to learn:

  01- Circuit Input and Circuit Charge
  02- Circuit 3.3VALWP & 5VALWP & PWM & SIO Bios
  03- Circuit 1.8v and 1.5v
  04- CPU Regulator Circuit
  05- Power Button (Digital and Analog Input/Output)
  06- Power Sources
  07- Clock Generator Circuit Explain
  08- Previous Basic Electronics
  09- Different Power Stage (S0,S3,S4,S5)
  10- Power Sequence Diagram of Laptop

Click here for FULL Tutorial Contents 
Tutorial Contents  Laptop Motherboard Repair Tutorial

Third, I want you to have:
Laptop Motherboard Repair First Step v2 New Update
Download Laptop Motherboard Repair First Step v2
Laptop Motherboard Repair First Step v2 is the perfect first step for anyone ready to jump into the world of laptop motherboard repair. First Step To Repair Laptop Motherboard v2 is designed to provide basic motherboard repairing and troubleshooting technique. It is an E-book meant for beginners in order to introduce them to the art of laptop motherboard repair.
You’ll learn advanced skills such as how-to testing electronics components and how-to identifying electronics components on motherboard and how-to reading schematics and troubleshooting problems of motherboard with or without schematics and more.

This E-Book is interactive with a lot of technical teaching to make you become familiar with the laptop motherboard repair. First Step To Repair Laptop Motherboard v1 will provide you with an intensive guide on diagnose and repairing fault in laptop. 

E-book Contents Preview
Preview First Step To Repair Laptop Motherboard v1

Fourth, I want you to have:
Laptop Motherboard Troubleshooting Guide New Update
 Download Laptop Motherboard Troubleshooting Guide
A new E-book called "Laptop Motherboard Troubleshooting Guide" to fix any defect in a laptop motherboard you don't have to be an electronics genius, many of the defects that arise on a laptop motherboard are easy to identify and correct, as long as you have the right knowledge for it.

Unfortunately, many technicians don't even know how to test a power button, try to open defective laptops to see if they find the problem. This is very unlikely, and they end up frustrated.

This will show you step-by-step how to make your first repairs quickly starting from absolute zero.

E-book Contents Preview
Preview Laptop Motherboard Troubleshooting Guide

Fifth, I want you to have:
Collection of Laptop Notebook Repair Case E-book
Collection of Laptop Notebook Repair Case
The book is reasonable, clear level, starting from the maintenance basics, focusing on the workflow of the laptop motherboard and the working principle of the chip, with a large number of circuit screenshots, graphic instructions, can make the reader very convenient to learn the circuit timing, learn to Analysis, thus raising a non-three, integrating the penetration, achieving the purpose of teaching with fishing.
E-book Contents Preview
Tutorial Contents  Laptop Motherboard Repair Tutorial

Sixth, I’m going to give you the:
Laptop Motherboard Repair the Second Step E-book

Second Step of "Laptop Motherboard Repair ebook" official launched! this book is written by laptoprepairsecrets team.

We have prepared this e-book for students to help them to acquire as much knowledge as they can to establish their skills and achieve their professional goals. We have covered all the detailed topics in this laptop repairing e-book so that students can work as per the laptop repairing. This e-book has been created after lot of research and thorough analysis of all the important requirements by the industry professionals and experts who are working in well knows companies.
E-book Contents Preview
Tutorial Contents  Laptop Motherboard Repair Tutorial

Last, I’m going to give you the:
Electronics for Beginners Part 1
Electronics for Beginners part 1
This E-book is designed for beginners, you will learn all the basic information about how to use a digital multimeter and how to solder, soldering is a skill that's easy to learn and not hard to master. It just takes practice!
E-book Contents Preview
Preview Macbook Repair Guide Repair Case v2

and more...

Exclusive E-Books

If you buy Mega Bundle Pack Laptop Repair Training we will give you all the books Guide for MacBook below for Free.

Not only that, this Mega Bundle Pack Laptop Repair Training included amazing bonuses (Over 20GB) ! These bonuses are hard to get it or not found anywhere else!.

Schematics and boardview and other stuff are a must have for any serious repair technician. If you want to repair any Laptop Motherboard, you will need these tools.

Special Collection Laptop Schematics Boardviews.

Special Collection Laptop Bios, New & Test Bios Files.

How to Disable RAM on Motherboard.

How to Conversion to UMA Graphics to Non-Graphics.

File ME Region Firmware.

Screen Firmware LED/LED (EDID EPROM).

Laptop Boardview Region Firmware.

Laptop Boardview Software.

HP i xxxxxxxx Bios Password,System Disabled, 8-digit code Unlock.

How to Clear ME Region (Intel Management Engine).

Windows Password Tools.

Basic Electronics in Laptop Repairing E-Book.

Asus Bios Laptop Pack v1.
Extra-Bonus Laptop Schematics & Boardview v1. 
 Extra-Bonus Laptop Schematics & Boardview v2.

Asus Bios Laptop Pack v1. 

              And More...

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There will be no shipping and handling because it's an Digital Products (MP4/PDF Format files. That means you won't have to wait in order to begin using these repair information. You can be on your way to success in just a few minutes. Even if you have never downloaded anything from the Internet before, don't worry, it comes with instructions. These info-products is one-of-a-kind and not found in any repair electronic store!

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Discover why our students recommend us so much
Edson Rojas (Chile)
I am from Peru and with the long quarantine in my country, many companies went bankrupt. I worked as a driver for a delivery company and I lost my job. I saw the Repair Course with Professor Rodrigo on Facebook, and with a little doubt I signed up to try the 7 days. I've been there for 2 weeks and I'm happy because I'm already repairing TVs at home, and I'll open my own workshop in a larger location. Very good course 👍 he got me out of unemployment. Thank you Professor 

Alberto Gaytan (Mexico)
Alberto Gaytan (Mexico)
I would not have bought the Course if it were not for the fact that Hotmart supports it. I like the teacher's teaching because what is complicated makes it easy and simple. When I started earning more than my monthly salary, I resigned from the company. Now I live more peacefully managing my own schedules at home, with my wife and my son who I can watch grow by my side, and I also have more time to do other things that I like. 100% recommended!
Jorge Megia (Costa Rica)
Jorge Megia (Costa Rica)
The Course exceeded my expectations, it really should cost much more. It is learned very easily, without the need for long explanations. I have a Mini Warehouse where we sell Computers and accessories, and we have implemented technical service. The business is growing little by little thanks to the course, because people are looking more to fix their computers than to buy new ones. I recommend it for those who want to grow their business. 
Miguel Jiménez (Peru)
Miguel Jiménez (Peru)
Very good course, it brings many new features compared to previous versions, good choice.
Rafael (United States)
Rafael (United States)
Hello, Professor, I congratulate you for what you do, you inspire many people to fulfill their goals, their dreams of being a specialized technician, which includes me. God bless you. I am finishing the course and I found it excellent. I like your way. How you explain it. Congratulations, Professor. !

Frequently Asked Questions
Below is the most users asked questions and you may read it first before you send the question email to us: 

01- How about the payment? Will I need to payment monthly or any extra fees?
No, this is a ONE Time (one off) payment.
02- Currently I don't have the Credit Card or account. How can I make the payment? Can I send the cash for you?
No, please DON'T send the cash by mail. Because it will always be missing on the half way! Beside the Credit Card/Debit Card or PayPal account, you can send the payment by Western Union or Money Gram. Where they are money transfer service agents worldwide. If you want this type of services, please send us an Email and I will provide the information for you by email.
03- Can I ask other person (who has the PayPal account) help me to pay your training package?
Yes, you can. But make sure your friend know paid to who. When using the PayPal account or Credit Card to buy this training package, their PayPal account will show this transaction as "Laptop Repair Secrets" or Credit Card statement will show as "PAYPAL *Laptop Repair Secrets".
04- Will I receive future updates for training package, and will I be notified via email?
Yes! We've already added a few updates to the Bonus within the last few weeks (Last update 01-01-2024). Current subscribers were immediately notified of these updates via email.
05- Can I get this training package on DVD Disc?
At this time, the training package is only available Downloadable. Our goal is to periodically add new updates to the training package.
06- Can I get a refund? 
However, digital products can't usually be returned, digital products like eBooks, videos, software, etc are non refundable. 
07- Will I get a new product for free or will I pay any additional fees?
New upcoming products are automatically included in this bundle for free.

08- How long I can access the courses? 
One year if you buy offer of $99.95usd, after 1 year you will lose rights to downloading the courses.
Access Forever if you buy offer of $169.95usd.
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